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    Hello peeps...on one of our forum member's suggestion decided to open a thread wherein we will post all the FB/Twitter news of our MKAP cast..

    Official FB page of Pooja Gor (Pratigya): Pooja Gor | Facebook

    Pooja Gor (Pratigya) FB accounts:
    Pooja A Gor | Facebook

    Arhaan Behl (Krishna) FB account: Arhaan Behll | Facebook

    Arhaan Behl Fanpage : Arhaan Behl | Facebook

    Anupam Shyam (Sajjan Singh) FB account: Anupam Shyam Ojha | Facebook

    Asmita Sharma (Ammaji) FB account: Asmita Sharma | Facebook

    Ankit Gera (Adarsh) FB account: Ankit Gera | Facebook

    Parvati Sehgal (Komal) FB account: Parvati Sehgal | Facebook

    Avantika Hundal (Aarushi) FB account: Avantika Hundal | Facebook

    Aalika Sheikh (Kesar) FB account: Aalika Shaikh | Facebook

    Jaswant Menaria (Shakti) FB account: Jaswant Menaria | Facebook

    Kunal Karan Kapoor (Angad) FB account: Kunal Karan Kapoor | Facebook

    Amita Udgata (Ghanti Dadi) FB account: Amita Udgata | Facebook

    Sana Sheikh (Ganga) FB account: Sana Amin Sheikh | Facebook

    Jaideep Suri (Chandu) FB account: Jaideep Suri | Facebook

    Vinay Rajput (Tunna) FB account: Vinay Rajput | Facebook

    Manmohan tiwari (Radhe) FB account: Manmohan Tiwari | Facebook

    Shanti Bhushan (story writer/CV) FB account: Shanti Bhushan | Facebook

    Pearl Grey (Producer) FB account:

    Follow them on twitter..

    Pooja Gor (Pratigya) twitter account:

    Sana Sheikh (Ganga) twitter account: Sana Sheikh (@sanashiekh) on Twitter

    Offcial MKAP Pages..Please join and show them our support...

    Official Pratigya Facebook Page: Pratigya | Facebook

    Official Krishna Facebook Page: Krishna | Facebook

    Official Sajjan Singh Facebook Page: Sajjan Singh | Facebook

    Official Mann Ki Awaaz..Pratigya Facebook Page: Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya | Facebook

    Official Pratigya Twitter Page: Pratigya (@SP_Pratigya) on Twitter

    Official Krishna Twitter Page: Krishna (@Krishna_SP) on Twitter

    Official Sajjan Singh Twitter Page: Sajjan Singh (@SajjanSingh_SP) on Twitter

    Official Mann Ki Awaaz..Pratigya Twitter Page: Pratigya (@MKAPratigya) on Twitter



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