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    Heavyweight king dethroned
    Straightedge Superstar returns to the WWE summit in L.A.

    World heavyweight title holder Jeff Hardy and CM Punk faced off in one of the most brutal encounters ever witnessed at Summerslam on sunday night.

    Hardy featured in the WWE's first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at Summerslam 2000 and he has been working his way up the rungs ever since.

    In his comparatively brief time with the federation, Punk too has shown that he is willing to risk it all to get to the top and the pair provided a fitting finale to the night's main event in Los Angeles.

    A superplex off the top rope onto a ladder left the Staples Centre crowd gobsmacked and just how the pair were able to carry on after that moment beggars belief.


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    i dont like CM PUNK lol

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    i hate PUNK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ЯόΗŋ View Post
    i hate PUNK!!!
    me too.......................



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