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    Default Too much T20 will 'finish Pakistan cricket': Yousuf

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    Blaming T20 cricket for the defeat in the first Test match against Australia, Pakistan captain Mohammed Yousuf has expressed fears that too much of the slam-bang version of the game will 'finish cricket in his country.'

    Expressing his views on a website after his side suffered a 170-run defeat by Australia at the MCG, Yousuf said the Pakistani batsmen were giving much importance to T20 cricket which is undermining their ability to bat successfully in Test and even one-day cricket.

    "It used to happen before but now because of Twenty20 cricket no player knows how to stay at the wicket anymore. Batsmen are finding it very difficult. I know the format has money, players get it and boards do but if Pakistan hypes up Twenty20 too much, Test and ODI cricket will really go down," Yousuf told Cricinfo.

    Pakistan's recent Test performances highlights Yousuf's concerns. In their past 14 Tests Pakistan have only passed 350 runs in an innings twice.

    On the other hand Pakistan holds the best win-loss ratio in international Twenty20 cricket.

    Yousuf said Pakistani batsmen must learn their lessons quickly and play shots according the situation of the match.

    "If you see a ball, hit it because you have to score. But if you are going to slog all the time what is the point? I could have hit jumping out but unless you get a ball to hit what is the point? That is the point of Test cricket. It is necessary that Pakistanis, the media, the board, the fans realise that we (need to) play as little Twenty20 as possible," Yousuf said.



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