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    Default Qatar 2022 could cost 138bn

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    The cost of hosting the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is expected to reach 138 billion - with 28 billion alone spent on creating a new city which will host the opening match and the final.

    Lusail will be built in the East of Qatar, with the football stadium the focal point, 15 km north of Doha. The website set-up for the city - Lusail: Qatar's Future City - states that "the aim is to establish a distinctive 21st century iconic city which celebrates the special cultural and geographical heritage of Qatar and the Gulf Region". It will have a population of 200,000.

    Dr Nicola Ritter, a German legal and financial analyst, told an investors' summit held in Munich that of the 138 billion cost, stadiums and facilities would carry a bill of 107 billion while transport infrastructure would amount to 31 billion.

    The cost of air-conditioning 12 stadia will be around 30 billion, with a further 48 billion allocated for training facilities and accommodation for players and fans.

    Transport improvements include expanding the New Doha International Airport and constructing the new Doha port where it is planned some fans will be accommodated on cruise ships, according to a report in Construction News.

    At present the port is due for completion in 2023, but schedules will be brought forward in time for the World Cup finals.

    The Doha metro rail link is due to be open by 2015 but is running behind.



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