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    Default Kirmani hails Team India for achieving no1 ranking

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    Former Indian stumper of today said he was proud that India had achieved the no1 ranking in Tests and opined that all three formats of the game will survive.

    In a brief chat with newspersons here, he said '' Im sure all three formats will survive. Cricket is called king of sport because of its glorious uncertainties''.

    He said there were no such ranking in his playing days.

    Kirmani, who was here for the launch of a sports retailing outlet in a mall, said Test matches bring out the real art of cricket, while in ODIs and T20s, the performance of the day matters the most.

    ''Even the weakest team can beat the strongest team in the shorter version of the game based on how they perform on a given day. No one ever imagined that we would win the World Cup in 1983 and we did it, thats the beauty of ODIs,'' he said.

    Kirmani also added that one should not compare the players of different eras. The situation, the conditions, facilities and practically every aspect of the game were very different from what it they are now.

    The shorter versions of the game have an added element of entertainment and I think the longer versions of he game should incorporate elements to make them exciting, glamorous, entertaining, besides ensuring a result.

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