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    Default Jeff Hardy Leaving WWE ?

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    News broke yesterday that WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy has only 2-4 months left on his WWE contract and it seems that is he not going to renew.

    Thus far, Hardy has not been receptive to any of the longer term deals the company has offered. In an out of character move, WWE went as far as to actually offer Hardy a one year deal just so they can lock him in for the time being while working towards a longer deal. As of this writing, we have heard Hardy has not agreed to that idea either.

    Hardy’s contract situation has been the primary reason his feud with brother Matt has been booked the way it has. Matt has been getting the victories in order to strengthen him and devalue Jeff, if Jeff is going to end up departing the company.

    The fact that Jeff Hardy has not yet re-signed, WWE has made the creative decision to make his feud with Matt Hardy go in Matt’s favor and rush through it. This is also one of the reasons why Matt was moved to the RAW brand.

    So far Hardy has turned down everything they’ve thrown at him, and he’s said to be looking at his options outside of the wrestling business. He’s not necessarily looking at TNA, but rather looking at taking some time off from the road to enjoy life and not have anything to do with WWE.
    His current contract is said to expire in the next 2 to 4 months.

    The belief is that Jeff isn’t looking to go to another company (at least openly) but is more looking to live life on his own schedule. TNA sources indicated yesterday they have had no contact with Hardy of late.

    WWE is currently doing everything they can to try and sign Jeff Hardy to a new deal, as his current contract will be expiring in a few months. Over the last few weeks Jeff Hardy has turned down all attempts at a contract extension and new full-fledged brand new deal. WWE is so hell-bent on signing him to a new deal that they are offering him a 1-year extension to lock him in for just one more year.

    Source: PWInsider

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