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    Default ICC may use UDRS for World Cup 2011

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    The ICC has said that the Umpires’ Decision Review System (UDRS) is here to stay and they had plans to extend it from Test matches to the ODI format as well. The latest piece of information is that they will be looking at implementing the UDRS for the 2011 edition of the World Cup, which is to be played in the Indian sub-continent.

    ICC’s Chief Executives’ Committee convened together to review the implementation of the system in the five-day format in which it was used over the past few months. There was also a UDRS workshop attended by Channel Nine, Sky Sports, Ten Sports and Sky New Zealand and by the technology suppliers Hawkeye, Virtual Eye and Hotspot.
    The UDRS has not been without its own set of issues though, as there have been cricketers still given out wrongly despite the use of the system. There is also an issue with the amount of time that the players can take to go for the review, which has caused so much grief that players like Stuart Broad have walked into the match referee’s room for clarifications during a game.
    The system was introduced on a trial basis in July 2008 in Test matches between India and Sri Lanka.

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    dis is a good decision
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