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    Default Delhi police gearing up for 2010 Commonwealth Games

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    Commissioner of Delhi Police Y. S. Dadwal on Saturday said that the department is making massive recruitments for the upcoming Commonwealth Games even as the rate of certain crimes dwindled last year in the national capital.

    Addressing a press conference, Dadwal said: "Lots of our posts were sanctioned for the Commonwealth Games and new police stations we had to resort to massive recruitment drives and upgrade our training capacity from four and a half to 8,000. 6,244 constables were trained in this year, now 6449 will join. Another batch of 6718 will join from June 1. They will be given some training so that they could be of help to us during the Commonwealth Games."

    Dadwal further said that the incidence of heinous crimes came down by 2.97 percent last year, and motorcycle borne cases, though in the limelight, have actually come down by three percent.

    He also informed that the detection of heinous offences, which he also labeled as the strongest point of the Delhi Police, has also gone up by 88 percent to 89 percent.

    The commissioner also said there has been an improvement in clearing pending cases.

    "Cases pending under investigation are down by 27 percent. This is a substantial achievement. We laid a lot of emphasis on this. I personally went to districts, and we reviewed this matter in every crime review meeting. We laid emphasis on it that not only should the cases be worked out, but the cases should also be put in the court at the earliest," he said.


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