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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Update Of 18 April

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    Episodes starts with Gopi walking sadly with the fruits in her hands. She sees Rashi with the murti, and Gopi talks about how nice the sandook's contents are and that she's happy for Rashi. Rashi complains that Gopi can never be happy for her and she's putting nazar on her. Gopi wonders how she put nazar on Rashi when she's won something so nice. Rashi gets disturbed and walks away. Gopi is confused and upset.

    Rashi walks into her room. She considers the murti. She talks to herself about what she had thought would be in the sandook. She talks about jewellery, and then apologises to KanhaJi and says that she felt no difference with the murti because she's been seeing Him since childhood. She says she's okay with the murti but she wanted more with Him. She puts the murti in the cupboard. Jigar enters, and says he wants to give Rashi something. Jigar asks if she's happy. Rashi says she's fine. Jigar says he brought something which will make her happier. He brings out flowers from behind his back and says it's for when she does KanhaiJi's puja. She takes it and turns around and says that Jigar only thought to bring her this. Jigar hugs Rashi because he's so happy. She looks uncomfortable. (WHY?) She pushes him away and says not to do something like that again, she doesn't like it. He looks stunned, and heartbroken. Rashi says her whole day was spoilt while walking away.

    Kinjal and her friends go into a shop and are seeing saris. Kinjal sees the price and gets upset. Her friends praise the saris, Kinjal thinks to herself that they're so expensive but if she doesn't buy them then her friends will think less of her. She chooses two saris. She tells her friends that she hasn't changed her lifestyle and they say that she shouldn't. She pays for the saris and they leave.

    Nani praises the food and says she thought because of the sandook, nothing would be made, but breakfast was ready and as tasty as ever. Hetal praises Gopi and says that she made the breakfast before everything happened and that she would never let her work suffer for anything. Nani looks at an unhappy Gopi. Nani asks her what's wrong and if it's because of the sandook. Gopi denies and says that Kokila hasn't eaten anything. Nani says it's an old habit, she doesn't eat when she's upset. She changes the subject and starts talking to Hetal. Kokila has heard everything and looks annoyed.

    >break< Hetal tells Gopi to rest, she's been working since morning. Gopi is worried about Kokila having not eaten since morning. Hetal says to put a plate and give it to Kokila, her anger would have become less. If Gopi takes the food, Kokila will surely eat it. Gopi takes food for Kokila and Kokila angrily tells her that she said she didn't want to eat. Gopi and Kokila go back and forth about Kokila having not eaten since morning. Ahem is watching from behind, and he looks upset. Kokila tells Gopi to go. She turns around sees Ahem, and puts the plate on the bed and covers her head as Ahem tells her to go. Ahem enters as Gopi leaves with the plate. Kokila asks if everything is okay. Ahem says everything is fine, and it's good that he came home for a little while because he would not have known that his mother hadn't eaten since morning. Ahem asks what is wrong. Kokila says she's worried about the fact that he's home when he should be working. She says that he should not be wasting his time talking to her. Ahem says he's worried that his mother hasn't eaten. Kokila tells him to worry about his work. He tells her to eat. She says okay and he leaves. Kokila looks annoyed. >break<

    Kokila scolds Gopi for saying everything in front of Ahem. Gopi says she didn't know Ahem was there. Kokila looks less angry. Gopi says she thought Kokila hadn't eaten since morning and was angry with her. Kokila says she is annoyed, but she's not always annoyed only because of Gopi. Kokila says says not to say anything like this in front of Ahem again because he gets worried. She leaves and sees Nani walking towards the mandir. She tells her she has something important to say. Nani asks what's wrong. Kokila says that she's always been put down before marriage. Her mother was always stricter with her, because she was not pretty like her siblings. And that her mother called her Koyli because of her colour. Kokila continues to say that now in her sasural she put her down. She embarrassed her in front of everyone by giving Rashi, Rashi who is not a good bahu, the sandook's contents. Nani is upset, she tries to deny but Kokila walks away.

    Urmila is sitting with Dhawal. Kinjal walks in with her shopping bags. One drops and Dhwala picks it up for her and hands to her. She smiles and thanks him. Urmila asks what did Kinjal buy. Dhawal says that Kinjal was only going to buy a little. Kinjal says that she went with her friends and they were buying so much so she also had to shop because then it reflects on her in-laws only. Dhawal nods. Kinjal says she only bought five designer saris and matching sandals. She gives Dhawal the credit card. Urmila's eyes go wide. Urmila is going to see the saris but Kinjal stops her saying that if she wants to see them to come in her room.

    Kokila is in her room. Nani comes in. She knocks. Kokila is annoyed. She tells her mother to come in. Nani asks if Kokila recognizes the book in her hands. Kokila says yes, it's her prayer book. She goes everywhere with the book. Nani agrees and says does she know what is in the book. She shows Kokila her photo in her prayer books. Kokila is stunned. Nani asks why she's not asking why Nani didn't put her siblings photos in the book she took everywhere. Why she put her Koyli's photo in the prayer book she never leaves home without. Nani says she was a little stricter with Kokila not because she loved her less but because she did not want Kokila to be shunned and made less because of her skin colour. She said she wanted to make Kokila strong because she knew that Kokila would be better. She said that Kokila was her favourite, that's why she was always stricter. Kokila looks stunned, and then asks why she still gave the sandook to Rashi when Gopi is her bahu.

    Nani says that just running a house is not a good thing. She says the first relationship is with her husband, and after a sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. The first relationship is that of a husband and wife. And Gopi is a good bahu, but Rashi has a lot of flaws. But Rashi has a very beautiful relationship with Jigar. On the other hand between Ahem and Gopi are distances. There is no view of a husband-wife relationship between Ahem and Gopi. That's why she believes Gopi has not fulfilled being a good bahu..

    Precap: Nani gives sindoor to Gopi and Gopi looks upset.



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