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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Hetal tells Kokila that she left Baa in her room, Kokila orders Mani to take care of Baa until they come back. Kinjal comes downstairs and looking beautiful, Hetal praises her and Chirag asks her to leave. Everyone leave happily.

    All in car, Aham is driving and reaches Umang’s home, where Jigar asks Aham whether its the right home, Aham says yes…Kinjal too says yes it is the correct place. Jigar rings the doorbell while everyone is waiting for the door to be opened.

    Gopi sees something and drops all the gift packs, Kokila asks whats this, Gopi says “Maaji Lock”. All are shocked, stunned….as always Camera Capturing reaction shots.

    Hetal asks may be we are at wrong place.
    Aham replies “No Kaki, the place is right but may be the person who lives here is not right for Kinjal”

    Kinjal defends her BF…”nope bhai…he must near by as he lives alone here and may be on the way to bring his parents.”

    Jigar asks her to dial his number. Kinjal is calling him but no reply and she is worried.

    Part 2

    Kinjal: Number is not reachable, its unavailable.
    Rashi taunts that Umang should be here to receieve us. Aham snatches her phone and throws it on ground. All are shocked again. And Aham is angry. Kinjal asks him to wait here for some more time.
    Chirag gets a call from home and concludes that Baa must be calling from home, then tells that Gopi n Hetal should be with Baa at this moment. Jigar says “i’ll drop Maa and Gopi bhabhi at home”. All agrees and leaves.

    On the way they meet some ladies and ladies ask whether u know people in this home, Chirag says no we are Umang’s relatives and leaves. Kokila worries what they will think we came here with shagun but returning. and those ladies talk to each other “it seems they came for alliance but no one is at home”

    Near by car, Jigar asks Aham to wait here as he will come after dropping Maa n Gopi home. Kinjal wants everyone to wait for some more time, Aham angrily replies there is no need to wait here, Jigar offers he will wait here and Kinjal again tries to convince to wait Aham shouts at her to sit inside car, and Hetal takes her inside car. While Aham fuming with anger.

    Part 3
    Aham asks Jigar to inform if u get to know anything, Jigar agrees and also tells that he will visit his office also. Everyone leaves for MM.

    They ring MM doorbell, Hetal is pacifying Kokila that he will tell us if he will get to know anything. Some one opens the main door and every one is shocked. And we see its Urmila standing at the door and she asks if everything went well. Hetal asks her the reason to be here.

    Urmila says Rashi told me that u all are going to Umang’s home and Baa is alone so thought to be here. And relatives are for supporting each other na, when I was with u in bad times then in good time also I have to be with u. asks everyone to come inside.

    All come inside, Gopi enters and Aham is just behind her. In hall all stands like statues, Rashi tells Urmila that it seems Happiness forgot the way to our home, or someone has bad eyes on our happiness. Hetal grabs her arm to keep her quite. Urmila looks at the “Shagun Ka Thaal” in Gopi’s hand and aks what happened there. Gopi puts thaal on table and abt to tell something and Baa asks what happened. Urmila asks Rashi again what happaned then to that boy left making u a fool, and what u’ll do now in this situation. Aham is glaring at her and

    Kokila stops her saying “What are u saying ? before saying all this in front of an elder who is sick u should think first and what happened to ur daughter in Altar….people pointed her in Altar, u should atleast think as woman or should behave as a relative. this is my family’s personal matter and I dont want any outsider to interfere in my family’s matter and leave now for ur home “Jai Shri Krishna”
    not to forgot the Priceless expressions on Urmila’s Face…..Eeyes Wide Opened….Mouth Opened like she swallowed A Mosquito….nope…A Dragon…..Whole Live Dragon….

    All lowering there eyes while Urmila looking at each and everyone expecting they will stop her.

    Aham tells Kokila that I got to know where is Umang. Kinjal is happy.
    All familt members along with Aham reach the sopt.
    Aham pulls Umang from his back, turns him to face him, Umang is shocked to him there.



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