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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya - 30th August 2011 Written Update

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    ..: Part 1:..
    Scene — Outside the Temple
    The children Force her to tell What happened. A Girl tells U got hurt. A Boy asks But U didn’t cry? Gopi tells No. There was only one thing in my mind to go and bring the Kanha ji. Jigar stops her and tells that even we want to hear. (Oh God, This Devar na ) Sarika tells her to tell what happened Further. Who were the dirty people? (Hailaaa she changed ) Gopi tells the whole situation. All laugh at how The Robbers fell. A Boy tells, He must have fallen like this. He acts it out (He acted really nicely ) Ahem who is looking from the top Is Smiling with GoHam Tune in the BG. The Boy tells Ahem why are u standing there come na! Ahem shakes his head. (wow.. he smiled ) Gopi tells After all that I came out of the warehouse and reached here anyhow. All want to make friendship with her All cheer for Gopi. Ahem Again looking from the top and Smiling with the GoHem Tune in the BG (Omggg… It was a great start )

    Scene — In the House
    Parag tells, Today’s day was a big tension for us but good that Gopi is safe and sound (Iska maun vrat kab khula? ) Kokila praises Gopi. Ahem tells Chirag that he has kept a file on his table. Chirag tells U come with me i want to discuss about that only. Ahem-Chirag along with Parag and Jigar leave. Gopi asks Weather is there any work (Wow she is so mahan after facing so much still wants to do work ) Hetal tells Rashi to come and help. Kokila tells Gopi to rest. Rashi tells she will have medicine as she is not feeling well. Kokila taunts her (As usual yeh dono na ) Gopi-Hetal-Kokila leave. Rashi irritated (As usual )

    ..: Part 2:..
    Scene — In the Hall
    Rashi is irritated and throwing Bits of paper on the Table. She keeps grumbling about Gopi. She see’s the bits of paper and tells Omg. If Kagdi see’s she will kill me (After so many days Kagdi ) Jigar comes and asks What happened to u? u were not well na did u have the medicine. Rashi tells that she will have it later. She has to help Hetal (Jhutiii ) Jigar tells Ok. I will keep ur medicine ready. Rashi puts the Bits of paper in Gopis Bag. She takes her bag and Throws it at the side of a Table. Rashi Calls Urmila. Urmila is sleeping (Uff these two back after so many days and Urmila sleeping all the days ) Rashi tells I am so irritated with this Gopi. (When is she not ) Rashi tells Urmila that The Gold Idol was robbed and Gopi anyhow Went and brought it back. Urmila can’t believe keeps says Hun hun Rashi tells The Whole Situation. Throughout Urmila’s Mouth was open (Her sleep went ) Rashi tells she is keeping the Phone or then Jigar will come again. Rashi leaves the place and Gopi’s bag is Next to the Table

    ..: Part 3:..
    Scene — In GoHem’s Bedroom.
    Ahem takes his things and Gopi comes In the Room. Ahem tells her to change her clothes or then she will fall sick (see his attitude see how kind is he ) Gopi tells I want to tell u something. Ahem tells her to tell. She hesitates. Ahem tells her to tell fast. Gopi tells Thank you. (Fluid and properly ) Ahem asks Why thank u? Gopi tells because if u wouldn’t teach me then i would be no use for the Police that is why thank you Ahem tells Your Welcome. Gopi is smiling surprisingly.

    Scene — Outside the Kitchen.
    Kokila-Hetal discussing about the Maid. Kokila tells Now we will wait for Mani. They both decided to make something special. Gopi comes and greets them. Hetal goes in the Kitchen for somework (Lets see what DIL-MIL talk ) Gopi tries to tell something but thinks About What Kokila told about not entering the Kitchen. Gopi turns to leave. Kokila tells her to Make tea. Gopi is excited. Ahem comes there and tells her to study the whole day. Gopi tells But I want to make tea First. Ahem looks at Kokila and tells Ok. The Phone rings. Gopi tells I will pick up. Jitu Bhai is on the Line (Again he is back ) Jitu wishes her, Many Many Happy returns of the Day. Gopi tells that she forgot. Jitu tells U have not changed. U forgot again. But first u tell Kokila and Hetal and take their Blessing as they are as your mom. Urmila is shocked (Usko kya pata hoga about Gopi )

    Scene — In Urmila’s House.
    Urmila tells That Today is Gopi’s bday, do something and try to stop everyone from knowing that. Rashi tells Yes i know (uff she also forgot ) Urmila tells ur Father is telling her to tell everyone. But u have to do something as she also spoilt ur time yesterday. Rashi tells yes my money also was wasted. Urmila is shocked to know the Money that she spent was Urmila’s money given to Rashi to give it to Urmila. Urmila shouts at her and tells Now u have one motive to spoil this day.

    ..: Precap:..
    Rashi tells that she just saw A Rat. Gopi see’s her Bag with Bits of paper. She picks it and tells This is My Book how did this happen? Rashi tells This also Rat must have done. Kokila asks Rat or someone else? Rashi is scared

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