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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1

    The episode starts with Urmi in her house wondering what is going on at the MM….what decision did they make. Why hasn’t Rashi called…hope she didn’t screw it all up! When there is a knock on the door and it is ladies from the neighbourhood. Going on and on about Urmi’s good fortune. How
    her house going to change from a hut to a castle. Now you’re going to get a rich girl as a bahu and you are so lucky. Then Dhawal comes in and they start teasing him. Rashi comes in with mithai and she invites them all to the sangeet.

    Part 2

    Urmi seconds the invitation and tells them that the sangeet is at MM and they are all excited to be invited to the MM. They ask if Kinjal is going live in this house? Dhawal says no she is going to Mumbai with me but Urmi stops him by saying we will talk about that later. She gets rid of her friends and starts in Rashi, who then fills Urmi in on the happenings at MM. They are very happy with themselves. Urmi tells Rashi to go home while she needs to figure out how to get Kinjal to stay in her house. Back at the MM we are in Baa’s room where Koki is getting baa ready for the wedding. Baa then counsels Koki. She says that Koki you’re trying to be so strong but inside you still have a soft heart. Kinjal may not like what is going on but this decision is going to make her life. Koki bows to Baa who blesses her. Meanwhile downstairs preparations are in full swing withHetal and Gopi. They discuss the arrangements…there will be about 20 to 25 people coming. Everything is ready and Gopi goes to check in on Koki and get ready. Next we are in the purple room where Kinjal is wondering now what do I do? Mom and the family are not going to listen to me. Rashi comes in to give Kinjal something to wear. Kinjal tries to get rid of her but Rashi taunts Kinjal by singing that old song “na koi Umang hai, no koi tarang hai, mari zindagi aik kati patang hai” sorry can’t spell hindi have to watch this … it actually really funny!

    Part 3

    Back in the purple Kinjal says how dare you! Rashi says get off your high horse. The house you’re marrying into is my house. She continues on about how many rishta’s that have broken! Last time you asked me to help you get ready so now I am going to make sure you get ready. Then she says now you’re younger than me in two relationships. Get ready in 5 minutes or I am going to tell your mom. Then we are back in Urmi’s house where Dhawal is talking to a friend on the phone. Urmi hears him tell
    his friend that he is coming to Mumbai right after the wedding and he will
    throw the best in best party for all his friends. *oh god I hate this best in best show* Urmi doesn’t like this and Dhawal says what is wrong. She asks for money of Dhawal and starts to manipulate him about staying with her. Next they arrive at the MM. Modis happily greet them. We get our first tiny little glimpse of Aham who looks wonderful in a new golden boy outfit! Nice very nice! But he is not happy! Right! The camera moves on as all of Urmi’s friends follow her in and their eyes widen as they look around the MM. Hetal’s face turns a little at the number of guests. Koki comes in as Urmi’s friends are gawking at the MM. Baa tells Koki to welcome her
    guests. Everyone is invited in and the girls from the neighbourhood start going on about is this a house or a palace..lets go look at what they have here. Koki and Aham are not impressed. Okay Aham’s sherwani is more yellow than gold but he looks fantastic. Back the show. The girls start to talk about how much everything must have cost and even Hetal is not impressed.

    Part 4

    The girls continue on and the family can’t believe this! They start touching and lifting things to examine them. Koki goes to get Kinjal and Hetal says to Gopi we don’t have enough food for all these people. Urmi is happy to hear this but Gopi says that I anticipated this and made more than enough and if we run out I will make more puri. Hetal sends her off to the kitchen
    and Urmi is not impressed by Gopi. Urmi tells her friends to look around the house and apologizes to Hetal saying that everyone in the neighbourhood loves Dhawal and they asked to be invited. Hetal is all gracious. Meanwhile a friend yells out look at the chandelier she saw one just like it in a movie!
    Gopi is in the kitchen and asks Mani *oh they changed Mani. I liked the other Mani!* to help prepare more food just in case. Then we are back in the hallway, Koki brings Kinjal down as Dhawal and everyone else looks on. Koki tells to smile not for herself but the guests. Urmi asks Dhawal to say something and Dhawal says jai shree Krishna Kinjalji, how are you? *oh lord he is going to call her Kinjalji? He is another Gopi* he says she is best in best. Everyone smiles except Koki. Then the frame freezes on Urmi’s smirking face.


    The family is gathered around the dinning table, Koki says Gopi bahu please serve more food. We are out of sabji we need more. Gopi says sabji is being cooked. Everyone is shocked. We see Aham also with nostrils



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