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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th November 2010 Written Update

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    episode starts with Hetal wantin to talk to Rashi about some work for Diwali, for which Rashi says, its not my responsibility anymore. Nothing is as the responsibility was taken away from me.
    Jigar enters with gifts for Rashi and Hetal but Rashi is unable to see her gift and leaves for her room in a thunderous mood. Jigar asks Hetal how she likes the Gift for rashi. Does she think Rashi will like it. he says i know its not too heaavy as i gifted Kinjal chaniya choli on her engagement and right now budget is a little tight. Hetal says why didnt you borrow from me. Jigar says i want to live within budget as it is tension-free. Hetal praises jigar and says saree is very beautiful and am sure Rashi will like the saree as well as the sentiment that her husband didn't forget her gift on Diwali. Gopi is there by now and hears everything and is a bit put out. Jigar goes to gift to Rashi who is fuming that son didnt forget his mother's gift of Diwali but forgot his wife. she is happy Jigar got a gift foer her too but she doesn't appreciate it all.. says its too light for Diwali occasion. Jigar feels a little sad.
    here in kitchen Hetal gives her gift to Gopi saying its from Ahem and Gopi is super happy and hugs Hetal. She goes to wear it. (she looks very pretty) she is very happy and while running in the corridor, she is about to dash into Ahem, but stops herself. adjusts her pallu and wishes shubh diwali to Ahem. Ahem wanted to wish her too and says "Shubh" but checks himself there and leaves. here Gopi thanks Kanhaji.
    Servants are being given diwali gifts by Hetal and after that Hetal soughts koki to tell her what she did but doesn't get an opportunity. Ahem asks them to pack the gifts as he will be back in an hour to collect them. when Gopi says something about office on Diwali day koki subtly insults hetal n Jigar again saying for my Son work is also worship unlike some others, who just don't want to work. Hetal ignores the taunt. Koki notices Gopi's saree and asks her about it. Gopi says Ahemji ne being all embarassed... koki says impossible... my son doesn't even buy a handkerchief without asking me and he will buy a saree without asking me.. Gopi says confirm from Hetal Kaki as ahem gave it to her give it to me. Koki looks at Hetal and asks her for the truth, hetal tries to send Gopi away but Koki stops her saying that after this conversation Gopi will follow everything you say. Hetal says we can talk about this later but Koki is adamant. she continues on saying the truth is that ahem didnt give the saree to Gopi. Gopi is shocked but you did. Gopi has tears in her eyes. Hetal saya "since it Deepawali" Koki is like so what if its deepawali, i dont want Gopi to to be given false hope on deepawali to make her happy for you. i request you mota bhabhi, please don't interfere in my son and DILs life. i am there to take care of them, you take care of rashi and keep her on short reign. and if you felt bad i'll ask for your forgiveness. see what you have done. my DIL is crying on Deepawali, thats why i never gave her false hope. Koki says to Gopi to face truth and puts Gopi to work.
    Hetal asks for forgiveness from Gopi. but Gopi says i am happy to know that you want me to be happy and whatever you did is what a mother does for her daughter and you are my mother right??? hetal agrees and blesses her.

    ohhh no. Urmi is there to wish happy diwali to her daughter and when Gopi wishes her she chucks her aside. and Koki takes a dig at her saying on a festival too, when there is so much of work that one can't rest, you have so much time to visit your daughter's house. Koki then ignored the evil duo and tells Gopi about the clarified oil (ghee) for Akhand Jyot needs to be made at home. Since that is the custom since 20 years. Gopi is like Ghee for festival has arrived. i'll put aside some for you to use for Akhand Jyot. to this Hetal says that akand jyots ghee has been made by Kokifor more than 20 years... the evil duo have another plan... ohh ohh ohh

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