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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Sorry, there was no dialogue for the first minute when Koki was in her room. She sits on the bed. Gopi comes, informs that Urmi & Dhawal left & Hetal wants to know about prep for sangeet. She leaves.
    In the hall, Hetal shows everyone Kinjal’s wedding dress. Koki comes & tells her to decide everything, she’s ok with whatever she decides. Hetal agrees & shows her the dress. Rashi brings jewelry. Baa tells Koki that though she loves Ahem, she loves Kinjal more.
    Kinjal comes & says I want to tell you all something (like that Garnier ad “Phir se drama?”). Hetal says later, your dress has come, wear & show us. She drapes the dupatta over her, Koki turns eyes away. Rashi drapes a necklace & says how Dhawal would be stunned looking at her. Kinjal shrugs her off & bursts out that she’s not preg. Camera goes around focussing on everyone’s shocked faces. Kinjal again says she’s really not preg. Once more shocked faces

    Part 2

    Chirag asks what! Kinjal says yes, it was all a drama. Rashi shocked & scared. Kinjal continues that Umang & she wanted to marry , but then she was engaged to Elesh & so they had to do this drama. Rag bros are angry.
    Koki drags Kinjal to the mandir & everyone follows the pied piper i.e., Koki. She says since you were small, you would take god’s kasam & say you were telling the truth. Similarly take that kasam now & tell us the truth. Kinjal only cries. Ahemsays listen to mom & take kasam.
    Kinjal says I take god’s kasam that it was all lies about being preg & that today I’m telling the truth. All th drama was to avoid marriage..
    Koki bursts out: Lies! To all your elders who love you. You put parivar ki izzat & kaalik on your mother’s face. All for lies. Ahem asks if Kinjal is mad. Kinjal says no bhai. Koki scoffs saying pyaar is blind & that she’s innocent. Kinjal says pls don’t het me wrong.

    Part 3

    Koki leaves. Kinjal runs after her. Koki shouts not to touch her. Kinjal cries pls stop this shadi. I can’t marry. Again focus on faces all round. Koki again angrily says to leave her hand. She says pls leave me alone everyone. Don’t follow me. Again faces. She leaves.
    Kinjal to Ahem: pls explain to maa. Ahem asks her why she’s crying here, go to Umang & cry there. Why crying for maa, cry for breaking her trust. Cry for your deeds as you have no face to show your family. He leaves..
    Kinjal to Rag bros: Papa, Kaka, pls break this shadi. Parag says there are some faults of kids that parents overlook bcos they can be fixed. But this is not a galti, it’s a gunah. He leaves.
    Chirag says I always thought you my daughter, thought through your shadi I’ll fulfill my armaan. But you ruined not your name, izzat & raat ki neend. And you say it was only a drama. See Baa whose saans ka bharosa nahin & you say it was only a drama. He leaves.
    Hetal says I always prayed for a daughter, but you were born I felt my prayers were answered. You were the family’s laadli, even before you uttered the wish, it would be fulfilled by everyone. If you’d told your pasand, no one would’ve denied you. But you played drama with your own family. She leaves.
    Kinjal approaches Baa who turns away & asks Gopi to take her to her room. Gopi, Rashi & Jigar have upset faces.


    Kinjal is infront of Koki’s room & holding her hand. She says pls sorry, but pls break this shadi. Koki shouts bas, my decision is final. The whole family comes running as usual. Rashi is delighted.



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