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    Default saath Nibhana Saathiya - 22nd march 2011 Written Update

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    Kin is sleeping & is disturbed by the holi sounds from outside. She wakes up upset, opens the window & sees people playing holi. Urmila stops Dh from drinking bhang, but his friends force him. Dh says it tastes good & Urmila is upset. Jitubhai comes & puts colour on Urmila who scolds him to think about his age. Everyone asks about Kin, as does Urmila. Dh says she's sleeping. Urmila says wake her up. Dh: Ok, but I need strength, & so need to drink more bhang. He drinks & goes, taking Urmila with him. Kin is watching & quickly bolts the window & door. She thinks now Dh has become dabang!...
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