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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Episode starts with Kinjal in her purple room talking to a
    Manish on the phone. FYI the bedroom
    door is wide open. Manish works with
    Umang and she is trying to find out about him.
    How she can’t get a hold of him on his cell and would like him to SMS
    Umang’s land line number to her. There
    is a 360 sweep around her and of course someone is there and it is a smiling Rashi.
    Who taunts Kinjal about how Kinjal will
    be her bhabhi and on and on. Rashi goes
    on I am here to get you for Arti while you’re waiting for the SMS with Umang’s
    number. After Rashi leaves Kinjal has a
    self talk in which she is still delusional about being rescued by Umang.
    Next we are in the Mandir where full puja is in swing. Gopi finishes up and starts to give Arti and
    parshad. Aham is the first in line who is dressed a very nice beige sherwani, it’s
    not a gold one but it is new and looks moderately nice. Gopi says makarsanskar mubarak and holds out
    the plate. There is some nostril
    flaring, some staring before Aham reaches to take a ladoo which look really
    delicious. Yum! Aham looks away as if he didn’t stare at her
    and while Gopi gives the parshad to everyone else. Rashi and Jigar exchange the ladoo and
    everyone else does the same. (sorry not
    familiar with this festival and rituals)
    Aham exchanges his with one of the Rag brothers while a sad Gopi looks
    on. Kinjal tries to exchange hers with
    Koki who rejects her while the family looks on.
    Koki says something along the lines of I have no ray of hope in my
    darkness, as we hear Urmi come in saying your hope is here. Hope which will take away all the darkness
    from your house. Reaction shots all
    around. No one looks happy except Urmi,
    Jetu and Dhawal.
    Part 2
    The family goes over to greet them. Urmi says they are there to finalize the
    rishta. Gopi and Hetal are the only ones
    happy, everyone else looks not so much.
    Rashi is her smirky self. Aham
    looks angry nostrils flaring and all.
    Urmila continues that Dhawal has said yes. Urmi goes on about the delay how she wanted to give everyone time to think about it and how she wants to keep everything in
    the family. Urmi is in her glory. Hetal asks Gopi give out mithai and thanks
    Urmi who again goes on and on about how my dikri is your bahu and yours
    mine. Koki tries to be gracious but is not
    very happy. Dhawal touches everyone’s feet and hugs Jigar. Aham is not happy
    and doesn’t want to shake hands with Dhawal….after another comment from Urmi and
    a look from Koki Aham does. Dhawal then
    wants to know about the kite flying part of the festival. Koki asks Rashi about some preparations
    and Rashi says I thought Gopi was doing it.
    But Koki says Gopi has been making other things (sorry don’t know what
    they were) so you should have been able to take care of this at least. Urmi looks like she is going to get back at Koki
    for that comment.
    Part 3
    Hetal says that it is okay why don’t you and I take care of
    this. But Koki says no you and Gopi take
    care of what is going on the roof terrace and Kinjal and I will look after the
    kitchen. Urmi says let Kinjal rest in
    her condition Rashi and I will take care of it.
    Koki says no thanks I will look after this myself. Everyone goes off except Rashi and Urmi. They have a little happy conversation about
    just wait until Kinjal comes to my house and I will show the kagri.
    Next it is all about patang or kites. I have never participated in this festival
    and it looks like fun. Everyone is
    upstairs…there is a huge spread of food as Dhawal and Parag fly kites. Dhawal brags how good he is, Jigar responds
    that no one is better than his brother Aham. Dhawal accepts the challenge. Aham, wow looks
    really good in the natural light, says no he doesn’t want to as Jigar tries to
    get him to participate. Finally Jigar
    pulls him over and brings him a patang and equipment while Gopi serves food
    then she looks on. Okay Aham looks
    really good. Rashi and Urmi come out and
    isn’t happy about how Jigar is supporting Aham.
    As Aham gets really into in *I think I am liking this look better than
    the Gold one hmmm but what are we going to call him in beige??* Gopi’s BG starts to play I guess she thinks
    he looks excellent as well.
    Part 4
    Finally Koki *don’t understand why she is only one cold and
    wearing a shawl?* and Kinjal come out.
    Kinjal looks at her phone and Koki tells her to behave. Urmi says to Hetal Rashi wants to fly kites
    with Jigar. Hetal says let’s wait for
    Aham and Dhawal to finish and then Rashi can go over. Urmi says why doesn’t Gopi help Aham? It’s
    always better for the wife to support her husband. Koki asks Gopi to take over from Jigar. Gopi hesitates but finally goes over to take
    over from Jigar and looks all lost. Rashi
    comes over and moves Gopi forward and takes Jigar. Rashi tries to engage Jigar but Jigar is not
    interested and goes back to watch Aham.
    Rashi is not happy. Aham does not
    realize that it is Gopi behind him and asks Jigar to give him more string and
    gets distracted by Gopi and loses to Dhawal.
    Loud dramatic music play as this is a GREAT loss for the Modi parivar!
    Kinjal is in her room talking to Umang about how they need
    to get together to tell the family that she not pregnant and how she needs
    him. While Umang is listening to this
    with a gleeful look at Kinjal’s misery.
    Kinjal continues that a travesty is about to happen in the name of
    marriage. Help or she is going to kill
    herself. There is a 360 around her as we
    see Dhawal at the door who hears all this!
    Comment from the sidelines – can’t say much about the epi
    but Aham was gorgeous!! The perfectly chiseled face, the amazing hair ….*fanning herself! water!*
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