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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th may 2011 written update

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    Gopi slips and Falls..Mani runs to her Rashi comes behind..Mani asks her how is she..All run towards Gopi..Parag tells that he will call the Doctor..Kokila asks mani to take her to the bed..Kokila sees all the soapy water..Kokila goes up to rashi Kokila asks Rashi..She is trying to tell the whole situation..Kokila tells Stop Shaking ur Hands and Legs..and open ur Mouth..Kokila tells No need of doing ur Maun Vrat Acting..Now Open your mouth and tell..Rashi tells her that Gopi wanted to clean the room..So i kept the Soapy water there..and I told Mani to tell Gopi to go slop..Kokila asks Mani..Mani tells that she told..But i didn't understand!..Kokila tells Just ...
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