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    Default saath nibhana saathiya 12th may 2011 written update

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    At the mandir a small boy with is tiffin box he looks hungry n gopi looks at him n smiles aham is busy with paying the priest he tells gopi that his mother is away n does not have food, so
    gopi gives a ladoo to a boy n its a cute conversation between them the boy tells her didnt her mother give her food for school she tells him she never went to school he tells her she is lucky as she was at home she said no i get up early in the morning n pray he asks what did she pray for she tells him for home suk n shanti. Aham is listening to convo he admires gopi. Aham then leaves tells jigar shall meet them in car, rashi wants to leave n jigar tells her she wanted to to puja so why leave it know she is angry n thinks how will i do my kalakari. Gopi looks round to see where aham is n sees him leaving n she follows.......
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