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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2011 Written Update

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    Part 1
    Urmila leaves and Baa asks everyone whether whatever she said is true or not, she asks Kokila and Hetal but they dont reply so Chirag says “Umang’s house was closed thats it, we dont know more than that”. Kinjal asks her not to worry as even door was closed but may be due to some urgent work he had to leave or something else. She calls Umang but number is unavailable. Aham gets a call and announces that No Desai family came from US by evening flight and its confirmed by Head Of Security Airport. Kinjal still reasons that perhaps they stuck up in some place in city as their house is messed up.
    (I could not write much about this part as 70% part was just Camera Traveling one face to other and stopping at each and every face twice or may be more.)

    Part 2

    Kinjal continues may be they are at their relatives,

    Aham shouts “Shayad…Shayad…Shayad…what do u mean by shayad and why all this today only, when he had to talk abt his future life, when his parents had to meet us today, when they had to give u permission for the marriage…when all this had to happen and now he is not available even on phone”…

    camera traveling continues…

    Parag tries to calm Aham down with “Aham Dikra…Dikra Shaant Ho Ja” (Count the words…today both Cardboard cutout got the dialogues)

    Now Kokila is recalling all what Urmila said “Isn’t it he made u a fool and ran away and he proved to be an actor u left u in this condition” and Aham’s word “Why everything today only” Koki starts walking towards stairs and is about to lose her balance and Hetal/Gopi/Aham come to her rescue but she asks Hetal to leave her alone. Just then Aham gets a call and announces that I got to know Umang’s whereabouts. Chirag excitedly asks then where is he, Aham says in a function and i’ll bring him here. Kokila tells him that she is also coming with him, Aham tries to stop her but she Firmly replies I told na…Kinjal happily jumps into the talk and says “Maa I told u na” Kokila angrily taunts her for being so shameless. Jigar comes and informs that Umang is not in his office. Aham says I know where is he and Jigar also joins.
    So Trio Leaves to Get Umang.

    On the way Aham is driving the car and he is fuming with anger (sorry only resemblance I got was…Naag Ka Fufkarna…did any one observe him here..if not go back to video)

    Finally they reach some place and all three get out of car and Kokila orders Aham to go inside. Aham is hesitating to take Koki inside so asks her to wait here in car and we will bring Umang out. Kokila asks him why he talking like this and what he is hiding from me. Kinjal kept many things hidden from me now please u dont hurt me by doing so and also dont stop me as m here to ask him why he is here after inviting us at his home.

    Trio enters the party, standing at the gate and Kokila feels awkward looking at girl-guys dancing. And she asks Aham whether this is right party Aham says yes. Aham and Jigar starts searching for Umang, asks two three people abt him. But then one boy replies to Jigar he dint see Umang but saw an aunty looking at Kokila, both Aham and Jigar about to show their Anger but Koki stops them.

    Part 3
    Aham The Tiger, NHQ=100000%
    Jigar still looking here and there for Umang and just then Aham listens someone cheering up calling “Umang..Umang..Umang” trio turns back and sees a guy caressing a gal’s haor and dancing with another gal. So they moves towards the Spot. Aham pushes the crowd behind him, holds his hand and turns him to make Umang face him. Umang is shocked, his face is colorless.

    Umang: U..?
    Aham shouts at him: yes its me…How dare u to ditch my sis enjoying here…
    Umang shouts with same pitch: Mr. Aham Modi….u hve to know one thing clearly…I was never interested in marrying ur sis. she was behind me, used to call me at night time, always came to meet me secretly, even when she got engaged to a Good Person now u think how is ur sis. she only called me during Navrtari to ran away with me after telling lies to her mom (Aham turns back towards Umang…looking like a tiger…),

    Kokila recalls the moment when she bumped into someone in dark on navratri,

    Umang continues she used to call me daily 10 times as she wanted me to take her away, she loves me more than her life and if I spent some time with ur sis It does not mean I’ll marry her.

    (as usual…camera on his journey among four faces…and with so much of Dhan Tan Na…. but Nazim’s Tiger Look…wowwwwwwwww…Killer…..)

    Part 4

    Umang continues: if she is restless without me then how come its my fault.
    Aham shouts from back Umang I’ll kill u

    and Both Bro moves forward to hit him, but Kokila stops both of them,

    Aham refuses “Mom dont stop me today, he spoke enough and now we have to teach him a lesson”

    Kokila still replies “DONT”,

    both Aham and Jigar looking at her shocked and surprised. Kokila herself goes to Umang, folds her hands in front of him and says

    I m begging u for my daughter’s life and for my family’s pride, do accept my daughter kinjal.

    Aham is so helpless and asks Kokila what she is doing Kokila replies m talking na.

    Kokila continues whatever it was Kinjal loved u more, but her name is linked to u…please accept her…..m begging u please save my daughter’s life…please give this mother her daughter’s happiness.

    Umang replies same way my sister wept cried, and even begged in front of Aham and then u married Aham somewhere else. Just like Kinjal is ur daughter and someone’s sis same way she is someone’s daughter and MY Sister. Today the way this mom and this brother is squirming same way person to squirm for anita is still alive.

    saying so turns towards Aham and looks at him angrily while Aham looking at him with Helpless cum Angry expressions.
    Kokila is in thinking mode.

    Trio is back to MM, Aham and Jigar are talking with each other



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