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    Default Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th may 2011 Written update

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    Urmila depressed.Rashi tells Mummy That Kagdi.Jigar comes out of the Bathroom.Jigar tells Rashi lets go and Eat.Rashi tells I am Feeling Tired So I won't come.Jigar Asks Urmila to come.So Urmila tells Now Rashi is tired because of the Trip..But My Hands and Legs Are like Broken So i'll rest for Sometime.Hetal comes there And tells Its Okay But down Everybody are Hungry.But If u want to Relax Then I'll send the Food On Top.Rashi and Urmila tell No We will Come down..Hetal and Jigar exit..Rashi starts Cribbing..My Shopping Its All gone..Now what Should I do..She tells U at-least Will go Home But Me..Now Let it Be I have already fallen Down in Koki and Hetal Maa's Sight Now i'll become Proper...
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