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    Default Have some pineberries for the summer

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    Have some pineberries for the summer… wait, what?

    How would you like your strawberries just like strawberries, but smelling and tasting like pineapples? Oh, and the color’s completely backwards as well.

    That’s exactly what pineberries, as the British have begun to call it, are. They’re becoming quite the delicacy this summer season, and it’s exactly as advertised: strawberries with the taste of pineapples.

    The fruit was first discovered in the South American wilds, and was supposedly saved from extinction by Dutch farmers.

    Grown in glasshouses, pineberries start off green, gradually turning paler as they ripen.

    When the fruit is sweet and juicy enough to eat, the flesh is almost totally white but studded with red seeds – the reverse of the usual variety.

    They are smaller than most commercially grown strawberries, measuring between 15 and 23mm across – slightly less than an inch.
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