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    Default Mango Srikhand Roll

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    For Filling :
    Curds made from full cream milk - 4 cups
    Sugar - � cup or to taste
    Saffron - few strands
    Cardamom powder - � tsp
    Ripe mango - 1
    Pistachio nuts - 1 tbsp For Cake :
    Plain flour (maida) - 1/2 cup
    Eggs - 3 large
    Egg yolk - 1
    Sugar - 1/2 cup
    Butter - 2 tbsp, melted
    Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

    For Filling :

    1. Line a colander with thin cloth. Support the colander over a deep bowl.
    2. Pour the curds into it and let it drain till 1 cup of thick curd cheese is left in the cloth.
    3. Transfer the curds cheese to a bowl and add sugar. Beat till the sugar is dissolved.
    4. Soak saffron in 1 tsp of warm milk. Crush and add to the curd cheese.
    5. Add cardamom powder. This is srikhand.
    6. Peel the mango and cut a portion of the flesh into tiny cubes.
    7. Slice the remaining flesh. Keep the srikhand and mango in the refrigerator while preparing the cake.

    For Cake :

    1. Grease a Swiss roll tin and line with greased butter paper.
    2. Sift the flour twice
    3. Whisk the eggs, egg yolk and sugar together till the mixture leaves a trail when the whisk is lifted.
    4. Beat in the essence. .
    5. Fold in the flour. .
    6. Gently fold in the butter. Spread in the prepared tray. Bake in a hot oven (200 0C ) till done. ( 10- 12 minutes) Turn out on a butter paper.
    7. Remove the paper on top of the cake. Roll up with the paper at the bottom. Allow to cool.
    8. Carefully unroll the cake. Reserve � of srikhand for topping. Spread the remaining over the cake.
    9. Sprinkle mango cubes over it. Roll up the cake again (without the paper) and cover the roll with a piece of aluminum foil.
    10. Chill in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours or until serving.
    11. Just before serving, remove the foil and place the roll on a serving plate. Spread the reserved srikhand over the roll and decorate with mango slices.
    12. Serve the roll cut in 1"thick slices.



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