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    Making at home with fresh-brewed coffee will taste as good as what you can buy at your favorite coffee emporium. Here’s what the professionals do:


    60 ml of the hot coffee
    50 ml of milk
    75 ml of condensed milk
    4 tsp of chocolate syrup
    5 ice cubes


    Take 60 ml of the hot coffee and put it in a clean blender jar.
    Add 50 ml of milk into it.
    Put 75 ml of condensed milk into it.
    Add 05 ice cubes into it.
    Pour 03 tsp of chocolate Hershey’s syrup into it.
    Close the jar and blend it for 40 seconds.
    Add 01 tsp of Hershey’s syrup on top and enjoy a chocolaty iced coffee.:good::good:



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