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    Oil 4tsp
    Cumin seeds 1tsp
    Chopped onion 1
    Chopped ginger 11/2 tsp
    Rice 1cup
    Water 2cup
    Salt To taste
    Boiled moong dal 3tbsp
    Boiled masoor dal 3tbsp
    Boiled chana dal 2tsp
    Boiled rajma 2tsp
    Fried paneer cubes 5-6
    Fried onion For garnish

    - Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds.
    - Then add chopped onion and ginger.
    - Add rice soaked in water after onion is light brown. Now add water and also salt.
    - After the rice starts boiling cover it for sometime. Once the pulao is ready place some of it in a serving dish.
    - Now make a layer of moong dal.
    - Make another layer of rice and place masoor dal on top.
    - Finally another layer of rice and on top of it place channa dal, rajma, fried paneer cubes and brown onions.
    - Dal pulao is ready to serve.



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