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Thread: wat is poem???

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    Smile wat is poem???

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    Poem is about saying something,
    But not saying it...
    Poem is about expressing your feeling,
    But just moon and stars...
    Poem is about telling a whole story,
    But it just a short poem...

    Poem is about revealing your secret,
    But remain a secret...
    Poem is about writing a diary,
    But it just a bunch of weird phrase...
    Poem is about just write something,
    But its code and arrangement...

    Poem is about love and hatred,
    Poem is about joy and sorrow;
    Poem is about beauty and tragedy,
    Poem is about advise and etcetera.

    Poem is about art,
    But poem is about more than just art...
    Poem is for everybody,
    But the poem is only for yourself...
    Poem is about 'you',
    But only you...

    Poem...the way you describe it,

    Poem...the way I describe it;
    Poem...the way I describe it...
    I just love it.

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    really nice

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    Thank you dear good one



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