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Thread: Thank you all!

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    Default Thank you all!

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    thanks to all! !

    for letting me
    to see it all!
    to hear it loud and open,

    to feel your guts and the
    spasm in the face,
    all the dilemmas,
    all the music,
    all the cute stuff,
    all the weirdo jumpings and DJaiz, ,
    rap, hindu, voodoo, inglo-Suckson, and
    and whatever wild from subsahara erea, irish polar bears or type of rabit.......

    all what i am saying
    i agree with you in all matters! ! !

    are scared,
    or are excited, or still you want to stay
    in this euphoria, least to warm up,
    tune-up, built-up, feeling-good-up.....whatever the



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