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    Default ~ Your Smile .. My Happiness ~

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    Too many thoughts, but not a word to say
    and much to say, but nothing comes out that may

    My thoughts are caught in your smile
    and your words.. in my happiness

    But when your smile disappears
    it feels like a heartbeat just broke in tears

    When your not smiling, you seem to be thinking
    thinking of me? ... I may not know

    My heart beats loud, my mind goes crazy, my hands grow cold
    and my eyes seek your beautiful smile when you diappear n a crowd of bold

    When i find you, your smiling again
    whereas, my day will officially begin

    I don't know when you'll be out of my sight
    but always stay happy and smile

    Because even if it's not for me,
    you never know who else is falling in love with your "smile"...!!!



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