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Thread: Silent Goodbye

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    Red face Silent Goodbye

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    No message has this heart received,
    I think this fool has been deceived

    Pure of heart and yet so blind,
    How could I been so wined and dined?

    Hoped for the best but prepared for the worst,
    Of my own ramblings of this I am cursed

    Heedless to intuition that gave me the clue,
    Blinded was the truth, I now know about you

    Vain silence stifled the passions of a rapturous heart,
    Entwined in your selfish love, I'll no longer play a part

    Encroaching fears have become my reality,
    You never really loved me, it was all just a fallacy

    At no time in your heart, just briefly in your mind,
    I was not what you desired, not of your ideal design

    Your true intentions you so carefully did disguise,
    It's why you could never really look me in the eyes

    Now this frail heart bears your cruel scar,
    The only way I can show you this, is a poem from afar

    My love of life and dreams I shall renew,
    To restore my faith, I can no longer be In love with you.



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