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    Default Because of you I realize ...

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    Because of you I realize love is still alive,
    in me it rages embracing every touch of yours
    my days breathe my nights continuously thrive
    never have I felt this warmth in such a long time

    Because of you I cry not in pain but in joy,
    for you have filled the empty space in my life
    what we share not even time can destroy
    when I look deep inside of me it is only you I find

    Because of you I know what it is to feel a smile,
    you bring the sun to my overshadowed world
    each star cheers whenever we overcome trials
    with you I can accomplish even the impossible task

    Because of you my spirit does not wilt nor fade,
    for your hopeful words water me with tender care
    each passing moment I hear your sweet serenade
    dearest, this is enough for me till the end of my days

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