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    Rainy Days!

    On rainy days
    When the sky turns gray
    The drops make a beat
    And all time goes away
    The water falls, it pours
    And the music sounds
    The wind is still, quiet
    And neutrality surrounds
    On those rainy days
    When the beat of my heart
    Matches the music of rain
    From the moment it starts
    I sit by myself
    As emotions pour in
    Rushing as water
    My thoughts running thin
    How could the rain
    Glistening, wet, clarity shown
    Make me lose all of myself
    Make me feel so alone?
    These solo arms
    Long for someone to hold
    To laugh with, to comfort
    As air turns cold
    This rain, though is cleanses
    Drapes our sights in thick cover
    Highlighting only those
    Who stand with no other
    And I know in my heart
    Iíll be with him someday
    But while this rain falls down
    Alone I will stay



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