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    Smile poem for ruchi =]

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    Friendship is not lots of people
    but some people that u love

    All friends r not true
    true friends r really few
    like u!

    as the years pass
    and we go apart
    remember that
    u r always in my heart

    you helped me through problems
    u made me smile
    when i was sad

    even if we r far
    we will think of each other
    wherever we r

    you're a wonderful person
    and i want u to know
    that ur a great friend

    love u ruchi

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    σℓ∂ ρяιтнνιяαנ нαυнαη
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    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lottttttttttt
    lovedd it

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    really nice

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    Default sweeet mayyy.....^_____^




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