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    Smile Do u lyk ME-2 ??

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    Everything about you draws me in.

    Itís hard to stay away.

    Your laugh, your smile, everything is perfect.

    I want to see you, today and every day.

    I wish to run my hands through your hair.

    Just the thought of you makes my heart glow.

    Do you like me, too? Do you notice me at all?

    These things I wish to know.

    I catch my breath when I see you.

    Does yours catch when you gaze upon me?

    I hope it does; I really do.

    Someday I shall broadcast my crush for all to see.

    But you know my favorite thing about you?

    The thing that makes me weak in the knees?

    Itís when weíre outside, together,

    And your hair twirls in the breeze.
    ThanKss & Regard :

    " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.. "



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