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    My love for you was plain to see
    It was written all over me

    A love so strong
    Could not be wrong

    It should last an eternity
    Now it's just a memory

    I've asked you why a thousand times
    But lies filled your every line

    Money took you away from me
    Happiness you'll never see

    My heart was filled with so much love
    I tried to bring you back to me

    Good-by was all you said to me

    Of life's woes that is the one
    That tore my heart and drained my soul

    When the one you love will not stay
    All you'll do is cry each day

    Your mind is lost
    There are no thoughts

    The joys of life that move your heart
    Are gone right at the start

    Now pain was there for all to see
    Even my friends abandoned me

    The pain continues to this day
    When will it go away?

    Words were spoken to touch your heart
    But boots and vacations closed that part

    Lies and deceit right from the start
    Cruelty came from your heart

    Lies are what you said me
    They hurt both you and me

    Love like mine you will not find
    It's gotten stronger over time

    You know you're wrong in what you do
    Does life have any meaning to you?

    Hurt is what you gave to me
    For you we'll have to wait and see

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    PK dats d REASON u don`nt luv anyone on S.B atleast line marne ke kabil toh ho sakti ho
    !!! KILL BULLIES !!!



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