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    Wink ~ I Will Never Leave your Side ~

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    I know in a short time, life has been sad each day.

    And the people closest to you have passed away,

    I know your health is also not going well.

    Your work is not helping, while bringing you hell.

    I know all these things are happening in your life.

    Not easy to deal with, wishing I was by your side.

    I know you fear falling in love and me letting go.

    Because you feel no one wants the extra load.

    Feeling itís not fair for me, if your health is getting bad.

    You donít understand, I accept you and all things at hand.

    I will never leave your side.

    Even if you push me away, and tell me itís not right.

    These are times and moments, where love takes a stand.

    You donít even let me try to give you a helping hand.

    Many times your feeling angry, sad, depressed,

    It hurts me to see you this way, I even get Stressed.

    Many times you are pushing me away.

    Let me show you that together we will deal with it each day.

    You are not alone, even if I am far.

    You are in my prayers and even in my heart.

    Let my love fill your heart of wanting to live happy each day.

    Love does exist in this world that we live in today.

    I wrote this poem for you, to express,

    No matter what can happen in your life.

    I am here to love you and wanting to be by your side.

    Close or far, how ever you might feel I am each night.

    Let love take the stand, together we will put up a fight.

    So please understand my feelings, know what I feel inside.

    And rest assure on one thing ďI will never leave your sideĒ.

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    thank u



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