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    Unhappy I'll always love you

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    It happened so quickly
    I don't understand
    You promised forever
    that you'd be my man

    I thought that you loved me
    I guess I was wrong
    though so many years
    have come and gone

    My heart breaks daily
    with you not around
    I live in this turmoil
    that I'll see you in town

    And no one will know
    just how I feel
    That my love for you
    Is still so real

    I have someone new
    and I'm now his wife
    so I'll try to move on
    without you in my life

    I'll stick to my vows
    and forever be true
    But deep in my heart
    I'll always love you

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    sorry 2 say

    the poetry...........

    Words That Do Not Rhyme



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