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    Cool I asked for....

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    *I asked for Strength...
    And Allah gave me Difficulties to make me strong.
    * I asked for Wisdom...
    And Allah gave me Problems to slove.
    * I asked for Prosperity...
    And Allah gave me Brain and Brawn to work.
    * I asked for Courage...
    And Allah gave me Danger to overcome.
    * I asked for Love...
    And Allah gave me Trouble people to help.
    * I asked for Favors...
    And Allah gave me Oppurtunities.
    I received nothing I wanted,
    I received everything I needed,
    My Prayer has been answered.

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    Red face I came knowing...

    I came not knowing from where, but I came.
    And I saw a pathway in front of me, so I walked.
    And I will remain walking, whether I want this or not.
    How did I come? How did I see my pathway?
    I do not know!

    Am I new or am I old in this existence?
    Am I free and unrestrained, or do I walk in chains?
    Do I lead myself in my life, or am I being led?
    I wish I know, butÖ
    I do not know!

    And my path, oh what is my path? Is it long or is it short?
    Am I ascending in it, or am I going down and sinking?
    Am I the one who is walking on the road,
    or is it the road that is moving?
    Or are we both standing, but it is the time that is running?
    I do not know!

    Before I became a full human, do you see
    if I were nothing, impossible? Or do you see that I was something?
    Is there an answer to this puzzle, or will it remain eternal?
    I do not know ... and why do I not know??
    I do not know!

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    Talking I've come....

    Iíve come to this world fully aware how.
    Iíve come to this world for a reason; with guidance of the signs Iíve discerned.
    Iíve realized the mark and was guided.
    Wish they knew! How could people have missed it?
    Wish they knew!

    It is not a mysterious secret, that matter of existence.
    The whole universe is creativity that leads to God the Almighty.
    Land and sea creatures are evidence of His creation.
    Wish they knew! How could people have missed the rational?
    Wish they knew!

    Adam the grandfather, a prophet, is Godís, The All Capable, creation.
    He selected, directed, and called him the reminder.
    He granted him a world of knowledge so as to shed light.
    Wish they knew! How could people not see that?
    Wish they knew!

    Like my great grandfather, God has guided me through the faithful spirit.
    From messenger to messenger, we have received the ultimate words.
    In the light of truth we unravel the mysteries of the unknown.
    Wish they knew! How could they fail to follow its guidance?
    Wish they knew!

    God said: Be! And I became! And now I live!
    Iím master of my self-will.
    Iím free in my choice, be it right or be it wrong.
    They have missed the glaring truth! How could they?
    Wish they knew!

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    wah wah kya baat hai...
    all r awesome

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    Talking Wherever you are!

    Wherever you are!
    Death will find you out


    This is the tale of an average man,
    Who acts contrary to Allah's plan,
    If you are reflected herein,
    Then repent and commit no sin.
    It was early in the morning at four,
    When death knocked upon a bedroom door,
    "Who is there?" The sleeping one cried,
    "I am izrael (the angel of Death), let me Inside".
    At once the man began to shiver,
    As one sweating in deadly fever,
    He shouted to his sleeping wife,
    "Don't let him take away my life",
    "Please go away, O angel of Death,
    Leave me alone, I'm not ready yet,
    My family on me depend,
    Give me a chance O please perpend !
    The Angel knocked again and again,
    "Friend, I'll take your life without a pain,
    It is your soul that Allah require,
    I come not with my own desire,
    Bewildered the man began to cry,
    "O' Angel, I'm so afraid to die,
    I'll give you Gold, and be your slave,
    Don't send me to the unlit grave."
    "Let me in, O' friend ! the Angel said,
    "Open the door get up from your bed,
    If you do not allow me in,
    I will walk through it like a Jinn"
    The man held a Gun in his right hand,
    Ready to defy the Angel's stand.
    "I'll point my gun towards your head,
    You dare come in I'll shoot you dead."
    By now, the Angel was in the room,
    Saying "O friend, prepare for your doom,
    Foolish man, Angels never die !.
    Put down you gun and do not sigh."
    "Why are you afraid? Tell me O man,
    To die according to Allah's plan ?
    Come, smile to me! do not be grim,
    Be happy to return to Him."
    "O' Angel, I bow my head in shame,
    I had no time to take Allah's name,
    From morning to dusk, I made my wealth,
    Never even caring for my health."
    "Allah's commands, I never obeyed,
    Nor five times a day, I ever prayed.
    A Ramdan came and a Ramdan went,
    But no time I had to repent."
    "The hajj was already Farz on me,
    But I would not part with my money,
    All charities, I did ignore,
    Taking Usury more and more."
    "Sometimes I sipped my favourite wine,
    With flirting women, I sat to dine,
    O' Angel, I appeal to you,
    Spare my life for a year or two."
    The laws of Quran, I'll obey,
    I'll begin to Salaat this very day,
    My fast and hajj, I will complete,
    And keep away from self-conceit."
    "I will refrain from Usury,
    And give all my wealth to Charity,
    Wine and wenches I will detest,
    Allah's oneness ! I will attest,
    "We angels, do what Allah demands,
    We cannot do against this demand.
    DEATH is ordained for everyone,
    Father, Mother, Daughter or Son."
    "I'm afraid this moment is your last,
    Now be reminded, more of your past,
    I do understand your fears,
    But its now too late for tears."
    "You lived in this World two score or more,
    Never did you, your people adore,
    Your parents, you did not obey,
    Hungry beggars you turned away."
    "Your two ill-gotten female off-springs,
    In night-clubs, for livelihood they sing,
    Instead of making more Muslims,
    You made your children non-Muslims."
    "You ignored the Muazzin's Azaan,
    Nor did you read the Holy Quran,
    Breaking promises all your life,
    Backbiting friends and causing strife.
    "From hoarded goods, great profits you made,
    And your poor workers you, underpaid,
    Horses and Cards were your leisure,
    Money making was your pleasure."
    "You ate Vitamins, and grew more fat,
    With the very sick you never sat,
    A pint of blood, you never gave,
    Which could a little baby save."
    "O human, you have done enough wrong,
    You bought good properties for a song,
    When the farmers appealed to you,
    You did not have mercy, it's true."
    "Paradise for you? I cannot tell,
    Undoubtedly you will dwell in Hell,
    There is no time for you to repent,
    I?ll take your soul, for which I'm sent."
    The ending, however is very sad,
    Eventually, the man became mad,
    With a cry he jumped out of Bed,
    And suddenly .. He fell down Dead!

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    thank u

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    Thanks !!!
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