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    Default From My Heart To Yours"

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    From My Heart To Yours"

    From My Heart To You

    I Can Always Speak The Truth

    My True Feelings Pour Out Of Me

    And I Can't Stop The Spill

    When A Smile Comes Across My


    And My Eyes Light Up With Love

    From My Heart I Feel So Much


    And I Can't Never Stop Loving You.

    When I Wear Your Love Of Celtic


    I Can Feel Your Love Surrounding Me

    The Celtic Knot Means An Eternity An Eternity Of Love That I Can

    Always Keep

    I Can Also Feel The Eternity Of Life A Life That You Give When You Hold Me So Close To Your Heart

    I Can See The Etrrnity Of Nature As Our Love Blossoms

    When We Both Have Growing So Close To One Another

    Sometime I Have To Ask Myself

    Why Does This Handsome Man Love Me So Much ?

    Sometime I am Left With Confusion

    Why Do You Love Me So Much

    All I Know Is I am The Luckiest Woman On Earth

    Because You Treat me So Wonderful

    I Can't Believe I Took So Long To Let You Into My Life

    Now That You Are In My Life I Can't Seem To Let You Go

    You Are Mine For The Taking

    And I am Yours Forever More

    I Can't Never Say Goodbye To You Because I Will Die Inside

    You Are The Only Man That

    I See In My Eyes

    So Don't Ever Let Me Go For One Second.

    This Is From My Heart To Yours

    How Much I Truly Love You

    I Hope You Have A Wondeful


    Pl Remember I Love You

    I Will Love You For Eternity

    From My Heart To Yours

    I Feel So Alive Being With You

    Love ya

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    thanks alot for sharing!



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