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    A Gem on the road

    Yesterday I came across a gem on the road,
    Walking on my way, I stopped for a look
    It was a rare one, I had to admit
    And filled with admiration, i sat next to it.

    A boy he was was of about eleven,
    A glowing face, and eyes of heaven
    In his soft hands he held some fowers
    Thinking I was a buyer, I saw in him joy shower

    My stare and silence made him tense
    As if the last ray of hope came to end
    Lost deep in thoughts, I kept my stare,
    But he kept silent, Had he nothing to share?

    Now holding a coin thrown by a passer,
    He ran to him saying,"Sir! Iam not a beggar!"
    "Please take one of these", he said.
    And in his soft voice he sold a flower

    My eyes with tears i couldnot hold,
    My heart with pain it would explode,
    My mouth was numb, lost of voice
    Is there nothing that would make him rejoice?

    Are you hungry too? he said,
    Is your mummy ill too? he inquired,
    But you don't look poor! His eyes met mine,
    I shook my head, they lost their shine

    Where were his giggles? Where was that heavenly smile?
    Where were the bright clothes? where were those little shoes?
    Where was his bag? where were his books?
    Where was that innocence? why this matureness?
    Where was that naughtiness? Why this seriousness?

    Those crystal clear eyes wanted an answer!

    I wish I could tell you O! precious gem,
    Your place is not these roads,
    That your face is made for smiles not gloom,
    That your divine shine can never fade.

    I wish I could tell you O! dazzling star!
    Oh! how can i tell you dear angelic soul!
    That you are exquisite,That layers of dust won't block your radiance
    For like a diamond, Your splendor lies within you!



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