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    Friendship is a rare jewel that shines,
    Only when you give it a sunny smile
    Friendship is a lock that opens,
    Only when you unlock your true self to it
    Friendship is a song, which is sung,
    Only when you know its rhythm
    Friendship is a dream, which comes true,
    Only when you believe in it
    Friendship is a sun, which rises,
    Only when your heart has set on it
    Friendship is a throne, on which you can sit,
    Only when you share your kingdom with it
    Friendship is a path, which you will find,
    Only when you know you are lost
    Friendship is a hand that holds yours,
    Only when you extend yours
    Friendship is an album of reminiscences, which you can leaf through,
    Only when you cherish it
    Friendship is a lamp, which lights,
    Only when you know it will assuage your heart
    Friendship is a lantern, which glows,
    Only when you need the warmth of it
    Friendship is a language, which you speak,
    Only when you know the meaning of it
    Friendship is a potpourri of feelings, which you can smell,
    Only when you have a true friend?
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.



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