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    I always knew we?d stay friends
    Was so sure it wouldn?t end
    But now feelings are stronger then before
    I realise now, that I love you so much more

    And I know you say we can?t be together
    But in my heart I hope you don?t mean forever
    Because I ache for you, the thought of your touch
    Too scared to tell you that I love you so much

    You?re the only one I trust, with you I won?t be used
    Like so many before, who only showed abuse
    Though I wish I didn?t feel this way
    But no matter how hard I fight feelings, they still stay

    You?re just such an amazing guy
    And when I talk to you, I just wanna be by your side
    To gaze into your eyes, to feel complete bliss
    For you to take away my problems, with just a kiss

    And I know I?m only dreaming, as this will never be
    I don?t see how anyone could fall in love with me
    I know I?ll always love you probably forever
    It just hurts me so to know we cant be together

    Though please don?t be mad, because this is how I feel
    And never before have I felt something so real
    And now I?m lost, unsure what to do
    With the fact that I?m forever, in love with you

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Its VERY VERY VERY VERY adorable

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    wow..i love it...I LOVEE IT...if i could i would chori and dedicate it 2 some1 i feel this way 2

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    awesome very good
    Thank you very much for sharing with us.



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