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    Flowers and birds

    We started off with heavy words
    And even said that this won’t be,
    But we were flowers, we were birds,
    We bloomed, we flew, began to see.

    We saw each other grow a heart
    And started slowly to reveal,
    We were different… worlds apart
    And in time began to feel.

    So we’ve let each other know
    Why we’ve kept our thoughts discreet,
    We’ve explained with rain and snow
    And those words became so sweet.

    Now your absence from my life
    Makes me see an empty street,
    Makes me feel a stab of knife,
    Makes my heart to slowly beat.

    And I know those were your fears,
    I remember how I lied,
    I remember all your tears
    And I’m sorry that you cried.

    But I want you to wait,
    To dream us for hours,
    To never lose faith
    ‘Cause we were still flowers.

    And I want you to know,
    To feel all these words,
    They’re my heart and soul,
    And we were still birds.

    And when the world slows down,
    And when the stars burn out,
    And time will drown,
    And we won’t doubt
    We’ll still be…
    …there to see…
    …for you and me.

    ‘Cause we are two,
    We’re me and you.



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