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    People say do not fear
    For fear leads you nowhere.
    But I believe fear isn't bad,
    It sometimes makes, not only mar.

    Out of fear of darkness
    Man created light.
    And now we have light,
    All day all the night.

    Out of fear of loneliness
    Man made society.
    And today we are all united,
    As planned by the Almighty.

    Out of fear of walking alone,
    We made friends.
    And today we've an eternal bondage
    That has no end.

    Out of fear of failure,
    We try hard to succeed.
    We give the best we can
    And be on the lead.

    Out of fear of laughed upon,
    We try to be perfect.
    And we make no mistakes then
    This is a fact.

    Out of fear of the UNKNOWN
    Man attempted to unveil it.
    And we have succeeded today
    Our knowledge about earth is lit.

    So who says do not fear?
    Who says fear is a hindrance?
    Fear is a pushing force actually
    That is responsible for progress.
    ThanKss & Regard :

    " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.. "



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