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Thread: A fairy tale

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    Default A fairy tale

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    I will tell u a tale,
    a short sweet story
    of a fairy named Jane
    n a boy named Harry.

    Once upon a time
    on a full moon night
    the fairy flies down
    with her wings so bright.

    Fascinated by...
    the mortal land
    She descends onto
    the shining sand.

    Among the woods
    in the moon lit night
    Jane finds a boy
    with glittering eyes.

    Their eyes meet
    in the faded light
    the thing that followed was
    "Love at first sight".

    Since that night
    when the moon is full
    to meet her love
    come the fairy will.

    They will sit on a stone
    with hand in hand
    and see dreams
    that never ever end.

    Jane promises-
    from the next day
    she will stay with him
    though hell barrs the way.

    But the next sad morning
    her powers are banned.
    She is thrown into prison
    for loving a mortal man.

    And down on the planet
    Harry waits for her
    with longing eyes
    and minutes like years.

    Knows he not
    of her restraints, so far.
    Knows he but
    that he will wait for her.

    Lovers may meet
    may depart, may demise
    But what so ever
    Love.... never dies.



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