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    Default definition of love

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    L -

    let your partner really be who they are and they should Let you be the same.

    O -
    Only argue about the really important issues, and most issues aren't that important.


    Victory for one of you should not mean defeat for the other. No winners and losers, just teammates.


    Expect that occassionally one of you will forget to give 100%. Give 200% until they catch up.

    LOVE also stands for Lots Of Various Emotions

    And also,

    L -->for the way u LOOK at me
    O-->the ONLY one ii see
    V-->VERY very extraordinary
    E--> EVEN more than anyone ii adore you

    Love is not all about sorrows, it is really unique and pleasant . You are the happiest person on earth when u fall in love . But if for some reason u lose ur love , then nothing seems good at all. You feel like quitting the world

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us.



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