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    [size=14pt]BEsidEs yOu...[/size]
    My lOvE
    I sHan't finD anOthEr
    whO'll GivE pEacE tO My sOuL
    AnD inDuLgE mE
    I'vE gOnE anD sEEn it aLL
    OvEr tHe wOrlD...ThErE wAsn't anY DiffErEncE
    ThEy aLL hAd sOmE cOnditiOn
    sOmE askEd fOr My timE
    sOmE wErE fAsCinAtEd witH My fAcE
    sOmE dEmandEd My fidELity
    nOnE wAntEd My dEmOns
    BEsidEs yOu nO OnE ElsE
    wAntEd My dEmOns
    nO OnE ElsE
    sHaLL sHadE mE in thE sUn

    [size=14pt]BEsidEs yOu...![/size]



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