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    Walking through our favorite path,
    so cold and misty, skies were gray;
    wishing you were here holding me tight,
    hoping to see you in sight.

    Autumn leaves fall while I wait for you to call,
    wanting you back with me for eternity.

    As I came to our favorite bridge,
    there you stood with a stare;
    same time, same place,
    for the last time we embraced.

    The last kiss from you with tear drops,
    the last touch as you wipe it away,
    the last time alone with you.

    Saying good-bye is so hard to do,
    as I still love you too.
    We will meet someday,
    as my white dove flies away.

    Holding back my tears,
    loving you so dear,
    living for tomorrow,
    dreams of yesteryears



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