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    Default The Angel who lost her faith

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    She fell from the sky
    From way up high
    She hit the ground
    Without a sound
    The most beautiful creature I had ever seen
    Once she had been
    An Angel

    The purest creature of all
    Not big, nor small
    But so beautiful
    She was God’s treasure
    Something came into my mind
    This Angel had no wings
    The most important of things
    I asked her why

    She said that on this day
    She was banded from heaven
    There was nothing she could say
    To make it all go away
    She had done the most unforgivable thing
    She said she didn’t mean it
    But they didn’t believe her one bit

    They ripped of her wings
    Oh, it still stings
    Stole her right
    Took every stain of light
    They cut her hair
    Hit her until she could barely breath air
    So much blood
    It didn’t do anyone good

    They ripped out her heart
    Teared her apart
    Until the only thing she remembered
    Was how God had betrayed her
    Then they threw her away
    Through time and place
    Until she couldn’t recognise her own face
    And this is how she is today

    She was given another chance
    Live life’s last dance
    Now she was human
    But she was happy for her life
    She had learned from her mistake
    She now knew that God were fake
    But it didn’t matter
    She couldn’t make the world better

    She was quite happy in this life
    She ended up as a wife
    Now she felt love
    As pure as a white dove
    But she never forgot
    How her faith had rot
    Now she is a legend
    No one is sure if she even existed
    No one … but her and God



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