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    Post 4 dose hu r in love ..<3

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    ii love de waii yUu make me feel..
    on a long lonely daii..
    ii love de waii yUu talk to me..
    nd dunt want to hurry away..

    ii love de understanding yUu show..
    wen ii need a true fren..
    ii love de humour yUu display..
    nd de kindness widout end..

    ii love de fact tht yUu r so honest..
    yUu share love wid an inner glow..
    ii love de excitement yUu bring..
    wen mah boredom iz strting to show..

    yUu r very interesting..
    so intelligent nd so sweet..
    yUu r exciting nd fun..
    yUu r mah favorite treat..

    yUu have brightened mah lyfe..
    given mah face an extra glow..
    ii feel happiness in mah heart..
    nd ii wanted yUu to noe..

    wahever road yUu travel..
    wherever de journey may lead..
    remember yUu r special to me..
    De onlii lover ii will ever need..

    wahever life has to offer us..
    be it good or other wise..
    we can weather any storm..
    nd face any problem tht may arise..

    When you were born, everyone around you was smiling and you were crying. Live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying

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    Thank you for sharing. =D

    Love is different for everyone though. So I can't agree with some of the things written above. *_*

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    Thanks for sharing.
    Your a good writer.
    Keep it up.
    An Everlasting Summer Romance --- In Process

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    Nice one sweeti

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    awwwwwwww too cute ....
    Plzzzzzzz HiT On If U like My Posts .....

    I WaNna Be d GuRl HeEz ScArEd To LoSe ....
    ThE OnE WhO He CaNt WaLk AwAy FrOm KnOwIn ShEeZ MaD At HiM.....ThE OnE WhO CaNt FaLl AsLeEp WiDoUt HeR VoIcE BeInG ThE LaSt OnE ThAt He HeArS ....
    ThE OnE He WoUlDeNt KnOw WhAtTa do WiThOut.....
    ThE OnE He CaNt PiCtUrE BeInG WiThOuT.



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