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    Default Transform your Photos into a Beautiful Mosaic

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    Transform your Photos into a Beautiful Mosaic

    This tutorial will teach you how to take a single or collection of photos and give them a beautiful mosaic effect.
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    1. Begin by selecting a single photograph or creating a collage using the layer mask blending method. If you are unfamiliar with this you can read how to easily blend 2 images together. Here is a quick arrangement of photos I found. Notice how the different picture edges aren’t aligned or clean, this is perfectly fine.

    2. Minimize that document, and create a new document 60×60 pixels. Select transparent background. This will be your mosaic pattern. Next, zoom in and take out your pencil brush tool (B) and select a size of 1 or 2 pixels. Draw in a vertical line 2 pixels wide along the left side of the box and a horizontal 2 pixel tall line along the top of the box. You can hold down shift while doing this to make the drawing line constrain to a linear path. You can use any color (I chose white).

    3. Go to edit>define pattern and give it a descriptive name. You can now close this without saving. If you think you may want to change the color or other aspects later down the road you can save it.

    4. Now go back to your original document and create a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) on top of every other layer like shown. You can call it ‘pattern’. Take out your paint bucket tool (G) and select ‘pattern’ from the fill mode drop box on the top settings bar. Now click (paint in) anywhere in your document.

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    Ahha thank you very much! I really need photoshop tutorials !



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