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    Default Make a Picture into Pop Art in Photoshop

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    Before starting the steps we just have a look at the picture. Here is the original photo.

    Step 1. Choose the appropriate picture

    At first we will de-saturate the colors on the image. Because we would like to color it ourselves by pressing a shortcut -Ctrl+Shift+U.

    Step 2. Remove the background in Photoshop

    Now you need to remove the background. You just need to mask the selection and deleting the background. It will leave some edge around the face, don't worry , and we will need it ahead.

    Step 3. Make a copy of the layer

    Press Ctrl+J to copy the layer to make a copy of the layer as backup in case you get in a mess and want to redo.

    Next to make a black and white image using "Threshold". You can adjust it according to the contrast of your image to achieve a suitable result which you like.

    Step 4. Paint the skin of the face

    Now we need to paint the skin of the face with colors. Now create a new layer and use "multiply" as blending mode. And then choose a skin color and paint it. You should remember that let the eyes remain white. The same technique should be used to paint the eyeballs and hair with a different color.

    Step 5. Color the lips in Photoshop

    Now we will use the original image as a reference and then hide all layers except your original picture for guidance. Then paint the lips on a new layer with reddish tint.

    Step 6. Jazz up the background in Photoshop

    We will go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone pattern to give a round radial effect. Next to use "circle" in pattern type and contrast colors for foreground and background.

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